Lent 2020

wateraid-tallJars for Change

Why not join  us in our Lenten challenge this year?

Together, with the many other churches during Lent, we are supporting  “WaterAid” in their ” Jars for Change” Appeal to help to bring clean water, decent sanitation and good hygiene to some of the worlds poorest communities.

This year the Jars of Change Lent appeal will focus on women and girls living in some of the words poorest communities in villages in Ethiopia.

While we take water, a basic human need, for granted, women and girls often have to walk many miles several times a day just to access water from streams which are often dirty and then carry it back  in jerry cans. The journey is often  hazardous with treacherous paths and the risk of attacks. The girls often have to forgo their education.

This year, St Hughs is supporting them by donating the money saved from” what we give up for lent” to this appeal to help WaterAid provide clean water to these villages.

There will be a jar in church for the duration of Lent where we can put our donations each week. Please do join us if you feel able to.

For further information: http://www.wateraid.org/uk/lent





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