Holy WEEK 2021 to Pentecost Details-Livestream on Facebook

With the Closure of the Church (due to Covid-19 Restrictions) for public worship until further notice we include below the Holy Week Broadcast livestream Church Services

John 10.10( The Message Bible) Jesus said ‘…. I came so they can have real … life more and better life than they ever dreamed of.

St Augustine said’ Entrust the past to God’s mercy,the present to God’s love, and the future to God’s providence.’

Prayer: God the Provider and Sustainer ,I entrust my whole life into Your loving care. Calm all my anxieties and keep me save in You.

Palm Sunday 28 March 10,00am

Monday 29 March to Maunday Easter 4 April Daily Cycle of Prayer

Bishop of Lincoln – Daily Reflection on facebook.com/lincolnbishopsoffice/

Tuesday 30 March Diocese of Lincoln 11.00am Eucharist on facebook.com/Lincoln.Cathedral/

Good Friday 2 April 12noon Reflection on Stations of the Cross

2pm Evening Prayer

Easter Sunday 4 April 10,00am Easter Eucharist

Sunday after Easter 11 April 10,30am Cathedral Service on facebook.com/Lincoln.Cathedral/

Holy Week to Pentecost Bishop Christopher Weekly Reflection on facebook.com p/lincolnbishopsoffice/

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